Working with compulsive overeating workshop

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Working with compulsive overeating workshop


A look at working with clients who come for help with overeating.

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This is a lively and interactive CPD workshop for professionals looking to learn more about working with clients struggling with overeating.

The workshop includes:

  • Learning to recognise compulsive overeating vs “regular” overeating.

  • A look at the food addiction debate.

  • Practical guidance for helping clients struggling with compulsive overeating.

  • Exploring the role of “diet mentality”.

  • Body image, weight loss and transformation.

  • Reflecting on your own relationship with food and how this impacts the relationship with your client.

Time and venue: Saturday 11th May 2019 9:45am - 4:30pm at The Benedictine Institute, 74 Castlebar Road, London, W5 2DD.