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Intuitive Eating Course - January 2019


Learn how to reconnect to your natural appetite. Change the way you make food choices and find freedom from overeating. This course includes:

  • 20 minute Skype session with me before the course starts. This will be an opportunity for you to find out exactly what you are signing up for and to make sure this course is for you.

  • 8 x 90 minute group sessions where we will learn why diets create a really unhelpful relationship with food and led to MORE overeating. Opportunities to share and learn from each other, as well as supporting one another.

  • Exercises you can used to help you on this intuitive eating journey.

  • Support between sessions, with group chat available. Research shows that social support is helpful when it comes to motivation and making changes.

For more information, please register your interest via the contact page and I will get in touch to discuss.