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If loving our bodies is too much to ask, can we just give a little respect?

We hear again and again that we should love our bodies but how do we even begin to do this?
For many of my clients, accepting or loving their bodies feels impossible. That can be pretty disheartening, so I developed the body image steps to help my clients figure out how to feel a bit more comfortable (or a bit less uncomfortable!) in their bodies.


The body image scale

Where are you right now?

Body acceptance, positive body image or whatever you want to call it, is rarely a linear process. We may move up and down the steps in the space of a day, or even one meal!
Sometimes people say to me that body acceptance feels like giving up. To them I say yes, it is giving up. .
*It’s giving up on self hatred.
*It’s giving up on defining your self worth by your body shape.
*It’s giving up on trying to force your body into the unrealistic ideal portrayed by the media.
*It’s giving up on ignoring your body’s signals.
*It’s giving up on obsession, dieting and all the misery that comes with it.
Where are you on the scale today and what are you willing to give up to move onto the next step towards sanity around food and your body?