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Breaking Up with Your Therapist

So, you’re in therapy but you’ve been wondering whether it might be time to leave. Maybe you have got out of therapy what you wanted and it seems like the right time to move on.

You may wonder whether you will be ok without your weekly outlet.  Chances are you came to therapy at crisis point and the fear of going back to where you started can be terrifying.

Some people stay in therapy for years, others a matter of weeks. How do you know when to end, when to say ‘enough’? Sometimes the therapist’s assumptions that the ending is far away can be a bit of a barrier to that awkward conversation of ending your time together.

Rest assured, we therapists are used to people leaving us. The hardest endings can be the ones which are forced upon us by circumstances outside of the room, such as relocation or funding issues but I often experience a real sense of admiration when clients exercise their autonomy and bring up the subject of an ending on their own volition. Perhaps you may have needed to experience being able to depend on someone for a while but my role is not to foster an unhealthy dependence.

IMO the ultimate goal of therapy is to empower you to feel happier and give you a sense of personal agency in your life.

So leave me, live your life and be free.