• Do you feel out of control around your eating? Does what you’ve eaten dictate how you feel about yourself?

  • Are you struggling with your weight or appearance?

  • Maybe you’ve heard the phrase "diets don't work", but wonder what alternative solution there could be.

We need to move away from moralising our food choices; this increases confusion about what to eat, and making food choices becomes an emotionally charged experience. This is where therapy can help. Focusing on getting to a place where you want to eat what makes you feel good, both physically and emotionally, brings liberation. Finding sanity with food and your body is the first step to reclaiming your life back.

There is hope. You really can get your life back.

I believe part of the answer lies in understanding why you are overeating to begin with and this varies from person to person. Food can serve many purposes. People struggle to change their eating habits because they feel that when they try, after the initial excitement wears off, something is missing and they end up feeling deprived, stressed or sad. These negative emotions lead you back to using food - and so the cycle continues.

I believe in the Health at Every Size (HAES) philosophy. Focusing too much on weight can be a contributing factor to our disordered relationship with food. By truly understanding the role food is playing in your life, you can change your relationship with food, improve your health and body image without turning it into a struggle.

You have some options: - I do offer one-to-one therapy in Ealing and Holborn and this is usually on a weekly basis. There are a couple of binge eating therapy groups running at the moment. If you have never thought group therapy, it’s worth considering. Group work can be incredibly powerful, as well as being more affordable. Check out my article, which may answer some questions you have. Click here for article.

I also offer three-hour intensive Turning Point Sessions. These take more of a coaching approach to help you uncover some of what may be keeping you stuck and give you the insight to set off down a new path. Some people can’t, or prefer not to, commit to weekly therapy sessions. Some clients who do want weekly therapy like to kick off with a Turning Point Session. For more information about these sessions, please click here.

Individual sessions cost £60 per 50-minute session in Ealing, Clapham and online. Holborn is £75.

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